No author could have come up with these real life plots.

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Readers will experience:

> The joys of a loving parental home.

> The horrors of torture.

> The remarkable resilience of the human spirit.

> The disappointment of a failed marriage.

> The brutality of domestic abuse.

> The wonders of motherhood.

> The satisfaction of overcoming the odds.

> And much more.

This is the first book in an abridged series recording this amazing life.




‘I thought I had a good idea of the horrors of War, but what she went through at the hands of the Nazi’s was absolutely inhuman.

So many times I felt as if I wanted to throw my arms around her and give her a hug. I admire the strength she had to carry on in her attempt to find happiness.’


‘I read this memoir in little over 24 hours which is a true sign I was glued and captivated by this true story.’


‘While this autobiography is steeped in family relationships, it’s also about war, politics, and daily lives changed by struggle. Perhaps this is one of the facets that leads Tears of Innocence to be so striking: the juxtaposition of inner strife with equally-challenging wider world changes:’


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Paperback edition also available.



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